Meet Emily Kimelman

Author, Traveler, Mother

I’ve written from all over the world including the beaches of India, the jungles of Costa Rica, and the islands of the Caribbean. I’ve lived on a boat, in an Airstream, and I’m writing this bio from a cafe in Mallorca, Spain. I strive to bring my passion for adventure to all my stories and share it with my readers.

But maybe I should start at the beginning…

I was born in Philadelphia and moved to Moscow when I was two. My Dad was a correspondent for the Philadelphia Inquirer and stationed in the Soviet Union. While living under communist rule, the KGB sprinkled my entire family with “spy dust”, a radioactive compound that left a glowing trail so they could track us…which might explain where some of my ideas come from…just sayin’.

My first memories are from Moscow. My older brother and I shared a fairytale-like existence completely oblivious to the turmoil and danger around us. I’ve never felt so safe as when wandering the streets of Moscow…apparently glowing like a lighting bug.

I learned English and Russian at the same time but neither of them particularly well. I couldn’t pronounce r’s or l’s in either language. Both alphabets remained a mystery. We returned to Philadelphia when I was 6, and it didn’t take long for my parents and teachers to realize I was severely dyslexic.

Luckily for me, we lived near Benchmark, the best school in the country for children with Dyslexia. It was a learning to read boot camp. We weren’t even allowed to talk during lunch, they read to us. With my Dad reading to me every night at home, it didn’t take much for me to fall in love with books. My young heart yearned for those jumbles of squiggles to make sense.

One day, when I was about 10, it just clicked for me and I could read. My f’s no longer faced the wrong direction, I could tell the difference between a, b, and d (well, okay, I still have trouble with those sometimes but it’s a lot better), and I was flying through Agatha Christie books.

Mysteries quickly became my favorite genre. My parents fueled my addiction with their large collection of P.D James, Dorothy L. Sayers, Raymond Chandler, and many other greats. I didn’t believe I could write fiction until I was in college and read a terrible mystery where cats figured out the puzzle, and it turned out to be aliens. Aliens. Yeah, no. I believed I could do better.

I dedicated my collegiate studies at NYU to the history of forensic science, homicide, and detective novels. I wanted to understand what these books did for us, how they veered from reality, and what gave them such importance in our culture.

I walked dogs at the time, which is an unusual profession. I would go into people’s homes and take care of their pets, but I never met the owners. I saw pictures in their house and would recognize them in public, but they had no idea what I looked like. This strange anonymity was perfectly suited to a murder investigation, and the original plot for Sydney Rye was born.

My dog, Nova, became the inspiration for Sydney’s dog, Blue, and they both grew in my mind until the story was down on paper. It took 6 years to publish Unleashed from tip to tail. Since then I’ve published nine Sydney Rye novels, and it’s been turned into a Kindle World.

Aside from my Sydney Rye mysteries, I have several other projects. My good friend, Toby Neal, and I co-authored six romantic thrillers called the Scorch Series. I’ve written two novellas for Kindle Worlds of fellow authors, and I’m currently revising an urban fantasy series and plan to relaunch it soon.

That brings me full circle back to the cafe in Mallorca writing this bio. All the above would be impossible without the support of my family, my incredible husband, and my readers. I’m very grateful for every single person who helps me lead such an incredible life.

One more thing, and this is kind of a big accomplishment in my book…I recently received an email advertising shark shields—as in shields to thwart shark attacks. The internet bots obviously think I need protection from the deadliest underwater sea creature…which is pretty freaking badass, don’t you think?

I love hearing from readers, so feel free to reach out, share your thoughts on my books, shark shields, or tell me about your adventures!

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