“The Girl With The Gun” is Live!

“The Girl With The Gun” is Live!


I'm so excited about this launch! My advanced readers LOVED it! Most said it was the best of the series so far. Even readers who had only read UNLEASHED enjoyed this latest installment. So if you're not caught up– don't worry, you can still have a blast reading this book… it's one of those can't-put-down, read-it-all-in-one-day kind of things 🙂 My personal favorite.

And to encourage you to pick up “The Girl With The Gun” this week I'm offering a fantastic launch bonus. Purchase “The Girl With The Gun (Sydney Rye, #8)” before 9/17 and I'll send you an ebook AND audiobook of “Death in the Dark (Sydney Rye, #2)”.

Just shoot me an email (emily@emilykimelman.com) with proof of purchase and I'll send them right over.


Here is an excerpt from “The Girl With The Gun” to wet your appetite…

Suds slipped down my body and gathered at my ankles before traveling in a flotilla to the drain. The white, iridescent bubbles jiggled as droplets of water crashed around them. They popped one by one, the mass sinking into the pipe as each individual bubble lost tension and let go. 

Letting go is an art. 

And I am not an artist.

I'm a killer. 

It's not for pleasure, though there is some of that. Lady Justice is tantamount to my god. I serve her single-mindedly, but there is no blindfold. I am prejudice, humanso human.

Would the world be safer with me under lock and key? One less terrorist wreaking havoc. Or more dangerous? One less soldier fighting for justice.

Blue barked. I looked through the fogged glass seeing nothing but gray shapes in the mist. Blue barked again and I turned the water off and opened the shower door, a cloud of steam coming with me into the room. 

Another bark, a “hello,a “there is someone here,” a “someone we trust” bark. Grabbing a towel off the rack I left the bathroom; making wet prints on the carpeting as I padded through the bedroom into the living room. Blue sat by the door, his large tail swishing back and forth.

He barked again, turning to look at me, his mismatched eyes bright with excitement. He pushed his large head against my hip, urging me toward the door with a soft whine. 

Mulberry stood in the hallway, his broad shoulders taking up the width of the doorway. He wore a subdued yellow and green plaid shirt that brought out the same colors in his eyes. Silver and black stubble covered his jaw. 

Blue pushed past me and wriggled his body against Mulberry's legs. The former New York detective broke his gaze from mine and looked down at my dog. He ruffled Blue's head. “Hey, boy.”

“I wasn't expecting you.”

Mulberry looked up at me, his hand still on Blue. “That's the first thing you say?”


He smiled and gave off a little laugh. “I figured I'd stop by and see you. We left things a little

“I thought I was pretty clear.”

“I'm not sure it's entirely up to you to decide.”

“I'm not sure about having this conversation in a towel.”

Mulberry raised an eyebrow. “I don't think you need it.”

“Come on in; I'll get dressed.” 

He followed me into the living room, clicking the door into place. 

I dressed in a pair of dark, indigo jeans and a white T-shirt, one of the few I had without any stains. Blue's tail wagged and his tongue lolled out. “Don't look so excited,I told Blue before returning to the living room.

Mulberry waited on the couch. “You want a drink?”


I crossed to the small kitchenette and grabbed us each a bottle of sparkling water; cracking one open, it released that fizzing sound. 

Mulberry came up behind me and placed his hand on my hip. I turned to him and opened my mouth to protest, but he shook his head. 

He stepped closer so that our bodies brushed. His face was right above mine, his chin angled down, as I stared at his collarbones.

He fisted the short locks at the base of my skull and pulled gently so that my chin rose and our lips touched. His kiss was achingly familiar and electrifyingly new. The smell of him brought back memories I was afraid to face. 

The pain of my brother's murder lanced through me; the paleness of his skin, the vivid red of his blood as he diedthe gaping wound his loss left in me. 

Everybody I love ends up dead. And not some gentle kiss into the night. They leave this world in violence and suffering; they end in misery.

I couldn't watch Mulberry die. 

Was the pain of loving him and denying him worse than the ache I feared? 

Mulberry's hand squeezed my hip, pressing our bodies together. His heart thumped so hard that I felt it against my breasts. Light danced behind my closed lids. My hands ran over his strong shoulders, caressing the corded muscles, before curving around his neck, intertwining and pulling at him. 

Everything about it felt right, except for the consequences.

Mulberry's hands slipped under my shirt and he groaned against my mouth as the rough callouses of his fingers found my bare flesh. 

“Stop thinking so much.” His lips moved against my neck.

“I'm trying to be smart.”

He laughed, his breath hot against my shoulder. “You've never been good at that.”


“You're all instinct.” A shiver ran from his lips over my skin. “You're overthinking this thing.” I closed my eyes and relished the way we fit, the familiarity and the danger, the tugging of my heart toward him. This love wasn't a controllable force. “Stop trying to keep us all safe, Sydney.”

“I have to.”

He brought his head up, his steady gaze held mine. “You have to keep yourself safe.”


His eyes narrowed as my voice failed me. He shook his head and smiled a lazy, sexy grin. “You're not going to prison. Only a fool would waste an asset like you.”

“What?” Fear spiked through me. “How do you know?” Blue was whining. “Just a minute, Mulberry.” I shook him and he just kept up that grin, that all knowing, glinting-eyed smile. 

Blue's whine pitched up. 

“Stop!” I yelled, rolling over, my sheets tangled around me. 

I stared across the expanse of the king-sized bed at Blue, who stood next to it, a soft whine pulling me fully out of the dream. The height of a Great Dane, with the coat of a wolf and the long, regal snout of a Collie, Blue had one blue eye and one brown. His eyebrows were raised and pushed together, creating a crease at the top of his long snout. He was worried about me. 

I relaxed into the pillows, staring up at the ceiling. Just me and Blue were in the room. Mulberry was thousands of miles away. 

My dreams were getting more vivid. The soft rumble of thunder sent a shiver of panic through me.

I didn't look at the window, not wanting to see that the sky was blue and the Pacific Ocean placid. Not wanting confirmation that my mind was tricking me, again. That I was broken, delusional. Crazy. 


Preview of Shadow Harvest Just For You

There's only TWO days left until Shadow Harvest goes live. To get you all in the mood, here's an excerpt from the book. And there's still time for you to pre-order it at all the major ebook retailers. Leave a comment, like or share this post for a chance to win a signed paperback of SHADOW HARVEST. Sharing counts double!

Shadow Harvest Cover

      We saw the brake lights glow up ahead and Loki slowed to a stop. The vans pulled off onto the side of the road. We waited, our engine running. The vans were about a hundred feet ahead of us, far enough away that there was no way they could see our unlit car in the dark but close enough that we could see figures climbing out of the lead van. The headlights from the rear vehicle lit the prisoners and guards clearly for a moment as they passed through the bright beams, headed toward the rice paddy. 
“Why two vans?” I asked.
“That's what makes me think this is not just a simple execution,” Loki said.
“What is it then?”
“Something we need to stop.”
     He turned off the car and grabbed a rifle out of the back seat, passing it to me before reaching for another. Loki made sure the dome light was set to “off” before opening his door and stepping out into the night. I followed him, opening the back door for Blue, who fell in line with my hip as I hurried to catch up with Loki. In the distance I could see the prisoners and guards were about 15 feet from the vans, still partly illuminated by the headlights. The prisoners were forced onto their knees.
     Loki picked up his pace, breaking into a steady jog. I ran alongside him, our rifles held up in front of our chests. We watched as one of the prisoners was pulled away from the others. They blindfolded him. I could see his hands, chains winding off of them, clasped in front of his chest, in a position of prayer or begging. I guessed that he was doing both. 
     A guard knocked his hands down, exposing his chest. The other two prisoners were huddled together, the two remaining guards standing over them, guns aimed at their heads. 
     The blindfolded man, his chest exposed, could not see the guard raise his gun. The shot rang out loud in the flat space. The prisoner fell back, his head hitting the ground, his body seeming to disappear into darkness. The guard who shot him and another one picked his body up and began to drag it toward the second van. The back doors opened and we had a clear picture of the interior. There were bright lights that poured out into the night. 

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Unleashed is FREE and the rest of the Sydney Rye Series is on SALE so if you haven't already now is the perfect time to complete your collection.

New Sydney Rye Adventure: SHADOW HARVEST (A Sydney Rye Mystery, #7). Pre-Order Today.

I'm very excited to announce that SHADOW HARVEST, my 7th Sydney Rye mystery, is up for pre-order. It will be live August 8th, 2015. I'm having a blast working on this book and I hope you'll all have as much fun reading it.


Shadow Harvest Cover

On a private island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Sydney Rye is studying hard, learning about the structure of the vigilante network Joyful Justice and their active missions. Finally comfortable being the inspiration of the organization, she is preparing to take her place as their leader.

However, when Sydney Rye’s good friend and fellow Joyful Justice council member, Merl, goes missing in Shanghai, she and her faithful dog, Blue, rush to the People’s Republic to track him down. Following Merl’s trail leads Sydney to probe deep, dark corners of corruption where she witnesses atrocities that make her already cold blood freeze.

With time running out and powerful forces closing in on her, Sydney is willing to risk everything to save her friend, but will everything be enough? Find out in SHADOW HARVEST.


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Warrior Dog

Keiki Cover-3

It's finally out! WARRIOR DOG, my novella in the fabulous Toby Neal‘s Lei Crimes Kindle World is out! First, a hundred million thanks to Toby for asking me to expand her already perfect Hawaii world. For those of you who aren't familiar with Lei Texeira and her dog Keiki, the books follow aforementioned Lei's adventures as she solves crimes in paradise. Below is an excerpt from my novella, told from the perspective Lei's wonderful pooch Keiki.

The sound of the rooster's crow penetrated Keiki's sleep. Her left ear twitched to better follow the bird's call as she sighed contentedly. The smell of her owners, Lei and Michael, brought her peace and happiness while at the same time reminding the Rottweiler of her responsibilities. The rooster crowed again and Keiki raised her large, square head from the blanket, glancing toward the window.

As she expected it was still dark out. Keiki looked up the bed at Lei, her first master, and her favorite human in this whole wide world. Just the sight of her, the gentle rise and fall of her breath, the splay of her wild hair across the pillow, made Keiki glad to belong to her. The new life inside of Lei, its fast little heartbeat and occasional movements were exciting to Keiki. She'd always wanted a big pack. Michael, one arm thrown over Lei, was the first addition and he was wonderful. Michael was strong, big, and brave; traits Keiki admired and shared with her second master.

Both Lei and Michael were in law enforcement, police officers, detectives. And while Keiki had never worked in a professional environment she’d been trained to guard from a very young age. Lei adopted her when she was a year old and since then Keiki had worked tirelessly to keep Lei safe.

Keiki climbed quietly off the bed, not wanting to wake the resting couple, but needing to check on the newest member of their pack. As she moved slowly out of the bedroom and down the hall she heard the cries of the Mynah birds in the fruit trees that spotted the yard.

The door to Kiet's room was slightly ajar. Keiki nosed it open further, breathing in deeply, loving the scents that lingered around the baby. The sweet sour milk, the powder, the poop. Her eyes fluttered at the cacophony of smells. Her heart filled with the joy of having one so young and tender to care for.

Descended from the Drover Dogs of Rome, Keiki was physically strong, her chest broad, mind stable. Her ancestors had followed men into war, helping herd their animals, keeping their flocks protected as battle waged. Later, they'd been used as butcher dogs, pulling carts into town, wearing pouches for money around their necks. For hundreds of years her kind had been trusted with great responsibility. As Keiki sat in front of Kiet's crib, looking through the bars at the young, beautiful creature contained within, she felt that of all the Rottweilers to ever live, her purpose–to protect this child, this family–was by far the most important ever assigned to any of them.

Keiki always came into the room before Kiet woke, wanting him to know that while she slept at the feet of his parents, he was always on her mind. That he was never alone when she was near. And while Keiki understood that life was not eternal, and that Kiet would live long after she'd joined her ancestors in the pools of time, she also knew that while Keiki breathed and her heart beat, Kiet would be safe.

Want to keep reading? Download “Warrior Dog” HERE.

Want more from some other wonderful authors? Check out the list of titles and links below. And on April 12th read my interview on Toby's site about how this massive project all came together.

Lei Crime Kindle World Titles

Never Again by Julie C. Gilbert (Flavor: Suspense – Stalking)

Michael Stevens becomes the target of his best friend’s jealous ex-boyfriend.

Timeline: Long before Blood Orchids

Fireweed Trail by Craig Hansen (Flavor: Suspense – YA, Coming of Age)
Teen Lei is sent by Aunty to a wilderness-encounter down the Oregon Coast trail, a program for troubled youth. But when a hiker disappears, then turns up dead, Lei is no longer hiking, but running for her life.

Timeline: Way before Blood Orchids

The Shell Keeper by Christine Nolfi (Flavor: Sweet)

Lei’s aunty sends her on a vacation to relax before she starts her new job.

Timeline: Immediately before Blood Orchids

A Snake in Paradise by Eden Baylee (Flavor: Suspense – Vacation Mystery)

After Lainey Lee’s divorce is finalized, she decides to take the vacation she’s always wanted: to Hawaii. But there’s danger in paradise, waiting to prey on the vulnerable.

Timeline: Concurrent with Blood Orchids

Saddle Road by J.L. Oakley (Flavor: Mystery – US Veterans)

Detective Lei Texeira and Lieutenant Michael Stevens get embroiled in a case involving a charity scam that’s ripping off funds meant for PTSD veterans.

Half Moon Girls by Corinne O’Flynn (Flavor: Murder Mystery)

Detective Lei Tedeira investigates a murder on Kauai and a kidnapping involving a friend’s daughter.

Hidden Poppies By M.L. Doyle (Flavor: Mystery; LGBT)

FBI Special Agents Marcella Scott and Ken Yamada tackle a tough case with personal consequences.

Princess Eyes by Lucas Kana (Flavor: Suspense) – Coming Soon

A young intellectual Stevens teams up with a good-natured bohemian psychologist, Jenna Brooke, to investigate a serial killer targeting rapists.

Lei Crime Series Kindle World

Hawaii Blog Image-3

Those of you who follow me on social media know I recently spent ten amazing days in Hawaii. I was lucky enough to visit fellow indie author, Toby Neal (who I’ve featured on this blog before). Her Lei Crime Series is one of my favorites. It features a strong female protagonist and her loyal Rottweiler, Keiki, and the series is set in the Hawaiian islands, so you can see why I might like it 🙂

Toby’s series is so awesome that Amazon is giving her a Kindle World. What does that mean? Well, you’ve heard of fan fiction. This is licensed fan fiction. Basically, starting April 7th anyone will be able to write a story using characters from the Lei Crime Universe and publish them on Amazon through their Kindle World platform. Toby blogged about it here in more detail.

Toby invited a bunch of her author friends to kick off the world with their own stories. Not only do I love this series but writing a story in the Lei Crime world was the perfect excuse to escape to Hawaii in February. So I headed down to Maui, met up with Toby, and we went and wrote in Hana for a couple of days. It was totally inspiring to be in one of the most beautiful places in the world and to be writing side by side with a power house like Toby Neal.

I managed to blaze through the entire first draft of my Lei Crime Kindle World novella, “Warrior Dog”, while in Hawaii. I decided to focus on Lei’s dog, Keiki… I know you’re shocked, just shocked 🙂 But I’ve always wanted to write a story from a dog’s point of view and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I had a blast writing this novella and I can’t wait to hear what you all think about it.

“Warrior Dog” will go live April 7th along with eight other stories by well-known writers exploring the Lei Crime World. I'll have more information in the coming weeks but for now here is the cover.

Keiki Cover-3

Inviting Fire is LIVE!

Dear Readers,

The day is here. It's FINALLY here. INVITING FIRE (Sydney Rye #6) is live. I'm so excited to have published my sixth book in the Sydney Rye series. It's appropriate that it's live the day after Thanksgiving because I am so incredible grateful today. Not only do I have a wonderful support system that helps me create this series, but I have you, dear readers, who enjoy them. So thank you all so much for your continued support. I hope you have as much fun reading INVITING FIRE as I had writing it.



Recovering from a near fatal attack that has left her with residual trauma, including haunting dreams and flashbacks, Sydney Rye is regaining her strength at the jungle training camp of Joyful Justice, the vigilante network inspired by her now legendary acts of vengeance.

However, when a routine reconnaissance mission goes horribly wrong Sydney Rye looses the trust of the leadership of Joyful Justice. Her good friend and trainer, Merl, warns that if she wants to be in the action she’ll have to follow orders like everyone else. Never good with authority, Sydney struggles to suppress her independent streak for the greater good. When she runs up against an old adversary he blows apart everything she has gained. With her and Blue’s lives at stake, as well as the future of Joyful Justice, Sydney must push aside her fears and take a leadership role before it's to late.

It's available at all the major online retailers. Pick up your copy today!





And in honor of the release I'm doing a giveaway!


$25 gift card, SWAG, free books, what more can a person ask for? Enter to win using the rafflecopter below.

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