“The Girl With The Gun” is Live!

“The Girl With The Gun” is Live!


I'm so excited about this launch! My advanced readers LOVED it! Most said it was the best of the series so far. Even readers who had only read UNLEASHED enjoyed this latest installment. So if you're not caught up– don't worry, you can still have a blast reading this book… it's one of those can't-put-down, read-it-all-in-one-day kind of things 🙂 My personal favorite.

And to encourage you to pick up “The Girl With The Gun” this week I'm offering a fantastic launch bonus. Purchase “The Girl With The Gun (Sydney Rye, #8)” before 9/17 and I'll send you an ebook AND audiobook of “Death in the Dark (Sydney Rye, #2)”.

Just shoot me an email (emily@emilykimelman.com) with proof of purchase and I'll send them right over.


Here is an excerpt from “The Girl With The Gun” to wet your appetite…

Suds slipped down my body and gathered at my ankles before traveling in a flotilla to the drain. The white, iridescent bubbles jiggled as droplets of water crashed around them. They popped one by one, the mass sinking into the pipe as each individual bubble lost tension and let go. 

Letting go is an art. 

And I am not an artist.

I'm a killer. 

It's not for pleasure, though there is some of that. Lady Justice is tantamount to my god. I serve her single-mindedly, but there is no blindfold. I am prejudice, humanso human.

Would the world be safer with me under lock and key? One less terrorist wreaking havoc. Or more dangerous? One less soldier fighting for justice.

Blue barked. I looked through the fogged glass seeing nothing but gray shapes in the mist. Blue barked again and I turned the water off and opened the shower door, a cloud of steam coming with me into the room. 

Another bark, a “hello,a “there is someone here,” a “someone we trust” bark. Grabbing a towel off the rack I left the bathroom; making wet prints on the carpeting as I padded through the bedroom into the living room. Blue sat by the door, his large tail swishing back and forth.

He barked again, turning to look at me, his mismatched eyes bright with excitement. He pushed his large head against my hip, urging me toward the door with a soft whine. 

Mulberry stood in the hallway, his broad shoulders taking up the width of the doorway. He wore a subdued yellow and green plaid shirt that brought out the same colors in his eyes. Silver and black stubble covered his jaw. 

Blue pushed past me and wriggled his body against Mulberry's legs. The former New York detective broke his gaze from mine and looked down at my dog. He ruffled Blue's head. “Hey, boy.”

“I wasn't expecting you.”

Mulberry looked up at me, his hand still on Blue. “That's the first thing you say?”


He smiled and gave off a little laugh. “I figured I'd stop by and see you. We left things a little

“I thought I was pretty clear.”

“I'm not sure it's entirely up to you to decide.”

“I'm not sure about having this conversation in a towel.”

Mulberry raised an eyebrow. “I don't think you need it.”

“Come on in; I'll get dressed.” 

He followed me into the living room, clicking the door into place. 

I dressed in a pair of dark, indigo jeans and a white T-shirt, one of the few I had without any stains. Blue's tail wagged and his tongue lolled out. “Don't look so excited,I told Blue before returning to the living room.

Mulberry waited on the couch. “You want a drink?”


I crossed to the small kitchenette and grabbed us each a bottle of sparkling water; cracking one open, it released that fizzing sound. 

Mulberry came up behind me and placed his hand on my hip. I turned to him and opened my mouth to protest, but he shook his head. 

He stepped closer so that our bodies brushed. His face was right above mine, his chin angled down, as I stared at his collarbones.

He fisted the short locks at the base of my skull and pulled gently so that my chin rose and our lips touched. His kiss was achingly familiar and electrifyingly new. The smell of him brought back memories I was afraid to face. 

The pain of my brother's murder lanced through me; the paleness of his skin, the vivid red of his blood as he diedthe gaping wound his loss left in me. 

Everybody I love ends up dead. And not some gentle kiss into the night. They leave this world in violence and suffering; they end in misery.

I couldn't watch Mulberry die. 

Was the pain of loving him and denying him worse than the ache I feared? 

Mulberry's hand squeezed my hip, pressing our bodies together. His heart thumped so hard that I felt it against my breasts. Light danced behind my closed lids. My hands ran over his strong shoulders, caressing the corded muscles, before curving around his neck, intertwining and pulling at him. 

Everything about it felt right, except for the consequences.

Mulberry's hands slipped under my shirt and he groaned against my mouth as the rough callouses of his fingers found my bare flesh. 

“Stop thinking so much.” His lips moved against my neck.

“I'm trying to be smart.”

He laughed, his breath hot against my shoulder. “You've never been good at that.”


“You're all instinct.” A shiver ran from his lips over my skin. “You're overthinking this thing.” I closed my eyes and relished the way we fit, the familiarity and the danger, the tugging of my heart toward him. This love wasn't a controllable force. “Stop trying to keep us all safe, Sydney.”

“I have to.”

He brought his head up, his steady gaze held mine. “You have to keep yourself safe.”


His eyes narrowed as my voice failed me. He shook his head and smiled a lazy, sexy grin. “You're not going to prison. Only a fool would waste an asset like you.”

“What?” Fear spiked through me. “How do you know?” Blue was whining. “Just a minute, Mulberry.” I shook him and he just kept up that grin, that all knowing, glinting-eyed smile. 

Blue's whine pitched up. 

“Stop!” I yelled, rolling over, my sheets tangled around me. 

I stared across the expanse of the king-sized bed at Blue, who stood next to it, a soft whine pulling me fully out of the dream. The height of a Great Dane, with the coat of a wolf and the long, regal snout of a Collie, Blue had one blue eye and one brown. His eyebrows were raised and pushed together, creating a crease at the top of his long snout. He was worried about me. 

I relaxed into the pillows, staring up at the ceiling. Just me and Blue were in the room. Mulberry was thousands of miles away. 

My dreams were getting more vivid. The soft rumble of thunder sent a shiver of panic through me.

I didn't look at the window, not wanting to see that the sky was blue and the Pacific Ocean placid. Not wanting confirmation that my mind was tricking me, again. That I was broken, delusional. Crazy. 


Sydney Rye Kindle World-Nemesis by Jennifer Harlow

Sydney Rye Kindle World-Nemesis by Jennifer Harlow

To wrap up the weeks of novellas, we have last, but certainly not least…

Nemesis By Jennifer Harlow


Sex traffickers, serial killers, and superheroes…welcome to the world of Galilee Falls, Sydney Rye!

This novella takes place between the events of Inviting Fire and Shadow Harvest. It also takes place after the events in The Galilee Falls Trilogy.

The Joy of Justice

The life of the vigilante is a solitary one. Always in the shadows. No one to talk to, no one to share experiences with. Uncle Charlie might be on the front lines as a detective, but he’s on the right side of that line. He gets paid to put the bad guys away, and according to the law, I am one of said bad guys. Of course if I had superpowers like The Royal Triumvirate or this new one White Knight I’d be considered a hero. Have my own action figure. But an ordinary woman taking justice into her own hands is called a freak. A madwoman. A vigilante. A murderer. Even a terrorist because of my affiliation to the Joyful Justice Vigilant Network. More labels. More identities forced upon me. At least now I’m not completely alone living with them.

I haven’t seen another Joyful Justice member, save for Uncle Charlie, since I left their compound in Costa Rica a few months ago when Uncle Charlie offered our services. Of course he got to stay in Independence while I ran around the jungle learning how to use an M-16, how to build bombs, and even learning a new martial arts form from Merl. I was one of dozens there, each of us touched by evil in some way. Each hoping to make the world a better place. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves. Few can face the truth. I couldn’t until recently. I couldn’t face every bone I broke, every time a man pissed his pants as I held a knife to his throat, every cry as I carved an “N” into his forehead to let the rest of the world know what he truly is, it fed my soul and helped me to continue on in this cesspool of a world.

Most aren’t there yet. I hope they never are. They’re just citizens, good people in need of help. They contact the website, looking for guidance, when the regular justice institutions fail. Even I’ve given other lost souls guidance in their quest for retribution. I am a veteran at the whole vigilante way of life. It’s been four years since I put on my costume: my red and black cloaked jacket and black jumpsuit, both made from ballistic fiber that’s saved my life more than once, steel-toed boots, dark red wig, white kabuki face paint with red lips, and black harlequin mask. Four years of stalking my prey at Frat houses, brothels, in their seemingly normal homes. I’ve been shot at, stabbed, broken several bones, and learned from every injury, every mistake. I am more than willing to share that knowledge with others, even if their quest for justice ends when their personal wrong gets corrected. This is not the way of life for everyone. Uncle Charlie does more for the network, giving them information only a police officer has access to.

We all must do our part to make this world a better place. I just prefer drawing blood to do it.

Like what you read? You can download the rest of the novella HERE

To find out more about Jennifer Harlow, visit her WEBSITE or the sites below:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jenharlowbooks

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.harlow.52

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4708453.Jennifer_Harlow

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/jenharlowbooks/

e-mail: jenniferharlowbooks@yahoo.com

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Sydney Rye Kindle World-The Catalyst by DelSheree Gladden

Sydney Rye Kindle World-The Catalyst by DelSheree Gladden


Today, get a taste of The Catalyst by DelSheree Gladden

SRKW Eliza

“The Catalyst” takes place between “Death in the Dark” and “Insatiable” in the Sydney Rye Series, and after “Trouble Magnet” in the Eliza Carlisle Mystery Series.

“Looking after Eliza Carlisle is about as easy as bathing a cat.”


“Before I let you get back to sleep,” Lauren said, “have you been keeping up with local news while you were in LA?”

It seemed like a random question. “No. Why?”

“Uh, no reason,” she said cryptically. “One of my students, could you keep an eye on her while I’m gone? She’s got a lot of talent, but she’s been struggling the last few weeks. She might need a little extra encouragement.”

My head ached from lack of sleep and jetlag, but I smiled. Lauren’s soft heart was a contrast to many of her coworkers at the culinary institute. Some might call it weakness, but I never would. “Who is this student?” I asked.

“Her name’s Eliza Carlisle. She’s a bit of a misfit at times, but like I said, she’s really talented and I would hate to see her get overwhelmed and give up.” Lauren sighed, like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. “Thank you, Hugh. For covering for me, and for keeping an eye on Eliza. You’re a good friend.”

“Yeah, well, you’ve been there for me often enough the last year and a half, I figure I owe you,” I said with a smile. “I hope everything goes okay with your dad.”

“Thanks,” she said, emotion making her voice squeak. She’d played off her fears when trying to talk me into covering her classes, but I knew how much not being there was eating at her even then. She drew in a deep breath to calm herself. “I’ll bring the key by this afternoon. My flight is a five, so I’ll swing by on my way to the airport. Get some sleep.”

We said our goodbyes and I ended the call. Rolling back toward my pillow, I pressed my face into the fabric. James’ scent had long faded, but the memory of it hadn’t. I both loved and hated the reminders of him that still lingered even after packing up his things. I wondered if the wounds losing him created would ever heal.

Friends didn’t understand. It had been a year and a half since his murder. The killer was dead at Joy’s hand. Didn’t that mean closure? Shouldn’t I have been able to move on after so long? Sometimes I wondered that as well. Moving on sounded good, in the same way made-from-scratch mac and cheese sounded good on a rainy day. Comfort food didn’t make the rain stop. Wishing I could move on didn’t make me miss him any less. It didn’t make me feel any less responsible for not being there when he needed me.

My body begged me to go back to sleep, but my mind was too awake. Lauren’s question about whether I had been following local news poked at me. What had happened while I was gone? An uncomfortable dread settled in the pit of my stomach. The last time something had blown up in the news, it had surrounded Joy, James, the mayor, and murder. Picking my phone back up, I brought up the latest news stories, found nothing overly interesting, then wondered about the girl Lauren had asked me to look out for. It took me a few seconds to remember the name.

Typing “Eliza Carlisle” into the news app, I hit the search button and sighed when the results loaded.“Local culinary student plays key part in solving 50-year-old murder.” That wouldn’t have sounded so ominous if not for the pictures and videos accompanying the headline. Anything involving SWAT couldn’t be good. My mind decided it had had enough and was ready to shut off. Ditching my phone, I crawled back under my blankets and closed my eyes. Lauren’s favor just got a whole lot more complicated.

Want more of The Catalyst? Go HERE

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Sydney Rye Kindle World-Fatal Interest by Julie Gilbert


It's Live! It's ALIVE! The Sydney Rye Kindle World is live! I am literally dancing around my kitchen with my husband, dog, and daughter I am so excited. And for the next week I'll be posting an excerpt from every launch title starting with…

SRKW fina wo subt

Sydney Rye and Blue find more trouble than they bargained for when they investigate mysterious break-ins at a posh boarding school.


The day started normally enough. I got up, shuffled to the bathroom, threw water on my face, and did the whole morning routine thing.

That was the end of normal.

When I returned to my bedroom, I noticed Blue sitting bolt upright on his bed, head cocked to the side while he whined softly. Glancing over to see what had caught his attention, I followed my dog’s line of vision to the ghostly figure of a fair-haired teenage girl. To be clear, I don’t believe in ghosts, but also I don’t know what else to call a semi-translucent figure who glows with a blue-white aura and shows up at the foot of my bed unannounced.   

“Please do not fear me,” said the ghost. She held her hands out wide and imploring, going for non-threatening. Her British accent surprised me. Looking back, I think sharing headspace with that ghost has improved my vocabulary. It’s disturbing.

Heart slamming into my throat, I leapt toward my end table where I keep a gun. Sensing my unease, Blue immediately took a more aggressive stance and growled at the ghost. He sounded like someone had left an angry motor rumbling. The fact that he could see her reassured me I hadn’t completely lost my mind. I raised the handgun and centered it on the ghost’s chest. My brain scrambled for an appropriate demand or at least a good curse to sum up the situation. I came up blank on both fronts.

“I will explain as much as I can, but time is short.” The Ghost Girl’s words flew out in a steady stream one had to concentrate on to catch. “You will receive a call in a few minutes with a job offer, but I believe the task requires some explanation, hence my presence.”

“Who are you?” I demanded.

What are you? I added silently.

“Who and what I am matters little, but I see that the knowledge is important to you so I will tell you what I can.” The ghost slowly lowered her hands to her sides and straightened. “I am a projection. I do not exist here and now in your room, but there is a real me.” She waved for patience even as my mouth opened to demand a better explanation. “My name is Nadia Ayers. I can read minds, but I cannot control them beyond some very simple commands. Much like you, I seek to rescue the helpless and bring wrongdoers to justice.”

“What do you know about me?” My question held a tad more bitterness than I’d intended.

“I know you were once Joy Humbolt, but circumstances drove you away from that identity and forged Sydney Rye instead.” The smile she gave me was both knowing and sad. “I also know you find your past painful to discuss or even think about, so if I may, allow me to tell you of my purpose here.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” I muttered, laying the gun back on the end table.

Want more? Get Fatal Interest HERE

To find out more about Julie Gilbert, visit her at:

Email: devyaschildren@gmail.com

Amazon Author page: http://www.amazon.com/Julie-C-Gilbert/e/B002BMB2LG

Twitter: @authorgilbert or @jilliananddeli

Facebook: Julie C. Gilbert
Blog: http://julie20201.blogspot.com/ OR https://juliecgilbertwriter.wordpress.com/

Website: http://juliecgilbertwriting.strikingly.com/

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Meet the Kindle World Authors-Jennifer Harlow

SRKW (3)

Hello, all! Next week is the big week! The Sydney Rye Kindle World goes live! We're having a big Facebook party on March 18th where you can ask me and the authors anything. More importantly there will be prizes and other goodies. As if the 8 free books you can get through The Sydney Rye Kindle World Readers Group wasn't enough. And this week's author will be in attendance. Give a warm welcome for…

Jennifer Harlow


Welcome Jennifer!

Jennifer Harlow spent her restless childhood fighting with her three brothers and scaring the heck out of herself with horror movies and books. She grew up to earn a degree at the University of Virginia which she put to use as a radio DJ, crisis hotline volunteer, bookseller, lab assistant, wedding coordinator, and government investigator. Currently she calls Atlanta home but that restless itch is ever present. In her free time, she continues to scare the beejepers out of herself watching scary movies and opening her credit card bills. She is the author of the Amazon best-selling F.R.E.A.K.S. Squad, IPPY Award Winning Midnight Magic Mystery series, The Galilee Falls Trilogy, and the steampunk romance Verity Hart Vs The Vampyres.

Please introduce us to you and your body of work.

Where to begin? I've written over ten books, mostly in the urban fantasy genre, focusing on vampires, werewolves, then superheroes. I even won an award along the way. I have a straight psychological thriller coming out later this year with Random House Alibi. I also like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, but then again, who doesn't?

How did you come to be involved in the SRKW? How do you know Emily?

I met Emily at the American Library Association's annual convention years ago. We got to talking at the Sisters in Crime booth and walked out two hours later friends. We keep in touch, and when this opportunity came up, I was honored she asked me to be a part of the event. I'm just glad she liked my novella Nemesis or I could have lost a friend.

What genre do you write in? Why do you enjoy that genre?

I'm technically a paranormal mystery writer, but I consider myself an urban fantasy and supernatural romance writer. Really my books tend to have elements of fantasy, mystery, thriller, romance, and action blended together. There's something in them for everyone.

 Which character or characters do you plan to focus on in your Sydney Rye Kindle World contribution? What drew you to that character?

I picked the big guns, Sydney and Blue with Joyful Justice in the periphery. Strong women with witty mouths on them are sort of my specialty so I knew I could do her justice. And where Sydney goes so does Blue.

Will your contribution to the world include one of your own characters? Please introduce us to them and your own world.

Sydney and Blue will find themselves in the land of superheroes and supervillains from my Galilee Falls trilogy but my heroine from that series, Joanna Fallon, gets to sit this one out. Instead Sydney teams up with Nemesis, a vigilante specializing in terrorizing and killing rapists and abusers. Like Sydney she doesn't have superpowers but they do get some help from White Knight, a character from the original trilogy. I'd say more about him but then I'd be giving away big spoilers from the trilogy.

Is there anything else you’d like Emily’s readers to know?

Here's a little taste from the novella coming out next week. Enjoy…

Sex traffickers, serial killers, and superheroes…welcome to the world of Galilee Falls, Sydney Rye!

Sydney Rye thought she'd wiped out the Cartel responsible for killing her friend Malina, but that was only the beginning. She finds herself in a new city, a city with one of the highest concentrations of superheroes in the world, with a new partner to finish the job and avenge her friend.

Nemesis knows a lot about vengeance. The self-proclaimed goddess of retribution has spent the past four years terrorizing the rapists and abusers of her city into submission. But the life of a vigilante is a lonely one. When the Joyful Justice Network asks her to aid Sydney Rye in breaking up a sex trafficking ring, she leaps at the chance to work with the legend. But Sydney isn't there to make friends. Can the women put aside their differences to wipe the villians off the map once and for all? Maybe with a little help from a White Knight…


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” –E. Burke

For Det. Joanna Fallon, it’s damn hard being a police officer in Galilee Falls, a city with the highest concentration of superheroes and villains in the country, and working under the specter of the city’s champion, Justice. It’s even harder watching her best friend, the man she’s secretly in love, with planning to marry another woman while keeping the growing relationship with her boss a secret.

When the city’s vilest supervillain, acid spewing Alkaline, escapes from maximum security prison, and an attack close to home, Joanna must contend with her increasing fear and prejudices while struggling to choose between her soul-mate and her new-found love.

With a coy blend of whimsy and vivid imagination, Justice delivers humor and thrills in an action-packed and edgy blend of comic book cool, fantasy-noir, hard-boiled mystery, and bitter-sweet romance.

Galilee Rising_Ebook

Love in the time of superheroes…

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Confucius

The year since Galilee Falls lost its reigning superhero Justice has not been kind to Joanna Fallon. She's lost her best friend, her boyfriend, her badge, even her mind. The city of Galilee Falls hasn't fared much better with supervillain related crime skyrocketing to cataclysmic proportions. Deliverance for the city arrives in the guise of The Royal Triumvirate–King Tempest, Lady Liberty, and Lord Nightingale–who vow to be the heroes the city needs. Salvation for Joanna appears in the brilliant form of Dr. Jem Ambrose, another lost soul in need of saving. But salvation comes with a high price. When Emperor Cain, an old nemesis of The Triumvirate, decides he will stop at nothing to make sure there is no city left to defend, it is up to Joanna to rise not only for her city, for her new love, but for herself as well…


Show me a hero; and I'll write you a tragedy.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hero and Villain.
Good and Evil.
Love and Hate.

Would that the world were that simple. Nothing is ever simple in a world filled with superheroes and villains. She may not wear a cape or have superpowers, but no one would say Joanna Fallon isn't a hero. At great personal cost she's saved the city of Galilee Falls from two supervillains, but has finally found a measure of peace. But whatever rises often falls, and even the city's champion may not be able to fight the cataclysm about to befall not only her city but the whole of the world…or even want to.

You can find out more about Jennifer at the sites below:


Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/jenharlowbooks

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.harlow.52

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4708453.Jennifer_Harlow

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/jenharlowbooks/

e-mail: jenniferharlowbooks@yahoo.com

Thanks for visiting the site, Jennifer! Can't wait to read what you've written! (Okay, I already have and it was so good it made me cry. Seriously.)

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Meet the Kindle World Authors-Scott Bury

SRKW (3)

Hello, all! Only seventeen more days until the launch of the Sydney Rye Kindle World! I am so excited. I've read some of the novellas already and I've even teared up reading them. I can't wait for you to read them as well.

Don't forget there's still time to join the Sydney Rye Kindle World Readers' Group to get 8 free books, including one from this week's author…

Scott Bury


Welcome, Scott!

Scott Bury can't stay in one category.

After a 20-year career in journalism, he turned to writing fiction. “Sam, the Strawb Part,” a children's story, came out in 2011, with all the proceeds going to an autism charity. Next was a paranormal short story for grown-ups, “Dark Clouds.”
The Bones of the Earth, a historical fantasy, came out in 2012. One Shade of Red is an erotic romance.
Army of Worn Soles, published in 2014, tells the true story of Maurice Bury, a Canadian drafted into the USSR's Red Army to face the German invasion of the Soviet Union. It will soon be followed by Under the Nazi Heel, the story of Maurice in the underground resistance to Germany’s occupation of Ukraine in 1942 to 1944.

Invited to participate in two Kindle Worlds, he published Torn Roots: A Lei Crime Kindle World Novella and Jet – Stealth: A Jet Kindle World Novella in July 2015.

In between writing books and blog posts, Scott helped found an author's cooperative publishing venture, Independent Authors International. He is also President of author's professional association BestSelling Reads.

He lives in Ottawa, Canada, with two mighty sons, two fuzzy cats and a wonderful wife who apparently has a high tolerance.


Please introduce us to you and your body of work.

It seems I cannot stay in one genre. I began my writing career as a journalist and magazine editor three decades ago. My first published fiction, in 2011, was a children’s story called Sam, the Strawb Part. Later that year I published an occult thriller short story, Dark Clouds, and my first full-length novel, The Bones of the Earth, a historical magic realism/epic fantasy.

The next year, I cranked out One Shade of Red a 60,000-word spoof of EL James’ baffling bestseller.
Army of Worn Soles is a memoir told in novel form, the story of my father-in-law’s experience in the Red Army in 1941, fighting the invading Germans. The sequel, Under the Nazi Heel, will be out soon this year.
In 2015, I jumped into two more, if related genres. First, Toby Neal, author of the bestselling Lei Crime series, invited me and a few other writers to write novellas in her new Lei Crime Kindle World. Emily wrote Warrior Dog for this Kindle World.

I published Torn Roots for the second wave of Lei Crime Kindle World novellas. Torn Roots features one of the most loved Lei Crime characters, Pono Kaihale, as well as some new ones I created for a twisting mystery/police procedural.

While I was working on that, another bestseller invited me to contribute to his Kindle World: Russell Blake. As soon as I could send the Torn Roots manuscript to my editor, I jumped into the JET spy-thriller Kindle World. Jet: Stealth introduces the titular character Jet, or Maya, to Van Freeman, definitely not a cop, just a guy who gets things done.
Interestingly, Emily has also written a Jet Kindle World novella, It Takes Two, as has Toby Neal with Jet: Nightbird. They’re both among the best entries in the Jet world.

How did you come to be involved in the SRKW? How do you know Emily?

I believe I was “introduced” to Emily through Toby Neal, who invited her to join an authors’ cooperative group I belong to called BestSelling Reads. I read or listened to all the Sydney Rye novels and enjoyed them very much. Emily and I nearly crossed paths again last January, when we were both in the Dominican Republic at the same time. However, we could not manage a face-to-face meeting.

What genre do you write in? Why do you enjoy that genre?

As outlined above, I can’t stay in one genre. What I enjoy doing is crossing genre boundaries. The Bones of the Earth is an epic fantasy that’s set in a real historical time and place. I plan to extend Dark Clouds into a novel that crosses paranormal occult horror with spy thriller. And the books about Maurice Bury are memoirs in novel form.

Which character or characters do you plan to focus on in your Sydney Rye Kindle World contribution? What drew you to that character?

Sydney is the focal character in my Sydney Rye KW novella, The Wife Line. Where Emily’s novels are written in first-person, The Wife Line is told in the third person with Sydney as the POV character for most of the book.
Of course, Blue is a major character, and Mulberry makes a couple of appearances.

Will your contribution to the world include one of your own characters? Please introduce us to them and your own world.

The Wife Line brings in Van Freeman and Earl LeBrun from Jet: Stealth. As soon as Emily invited me to participate in the SRKW, I knew I had to do this because Sydney Rye also appears in Emily’s Jet KW novella. In other words, Van and Sydney inhabit the same universe. Van is a scruffy but very good-looking young man on a quest: to destroy the international criminal cartel that murdered his parents. He has no formal training in anything but martial arts, but he’s smart. He just doesn’t know how to use a hair brush and is allergic to dressing up. Earl LeBrun is the former partner of Van’s father, an electronics genius who went into hiding after the murder of the elder Freeman. He now concentrates on making undetectable weapons, wireless cameras, tracking devices and other gadgets for Van. Oh, and rescuing him from the predicaments he habitually gets tangled in.

Is there anything else you’d like Emily’s readers to know?

I hope to continue with Van and LeBrun stories, weaving in characters and situations from other SRKW authors. I think it would be very interesting for readers to present a coherent universe, the way Marvel Comics does. But it would take a lot of cooperation. What do you think of that idea, readers?

Scott's contribution to the Kindle World will be The Wife Line. Read the blurb below:

Sydney Rye thought it would be an easy assignment: trail Nigel Willem, a software company executive because his boss suspects he’s up to something with mysterious trips across Europe. Sydney thinks he’s just a boring businessman.
Then Willem is poisoned in his own home. Van, a mysterious young man with long, scruffy blond hair brings Sydney the dead man’s laptop, saying he knows who ordered the murder. The laptop reveals why Willem travelled: he was expediting human trafficking.
As Sydney follows Willem’s trail eastward, she finds more proof about Willem’s underworld contacts in pornography, people smuggling, drugs and murder. But the presence of the unpredictable, aggravating and irresistible Van may be more of an obstacle than a help.
The Wife Line brings Sydney Rye, Blue and Mulberry across Europe to an explosive conclusion.

You can find more about Scott Bury, and contact him through his website, http://www.writtenword.ca, his blog, Written Words, and on Twitter @ScottTheWriter.


Thanks for visiting the blog, Scott. Can't wait to read your novella!

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