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Hello, all! Only seventeen more days until the launch of the Sydney Rye Kindle World! I am so excited. I've read some of the novellas already and I've even teared up reading them. I can't wait for you to read them as well.

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Scott Bury


Welcome, Scott!

Scott Bury can't stay in one category.

After a 20-year career in journalism, he turned to writing fiction. “Sam, the Strawb Part,” a children's story, came out in 2011, with all the proceeds going to an autism charity. Next was a paranormal short story for grown-ups, “Dark Clouds.”
The Bones of the Earth, a historical fantasy, came out in 2012. One Shade of Red is an erotic romance.
Army of Worn Soles, published in 2014, tells the true story of Maurice Bury, a Canadian drafted into the USSR's Red Army to face the German invasion of the Soviet Union. It will soon be followed by Under the Nazi Heel, the story of Maurice in the underground resistance to Germany’s occupation of Ukraine in 1942 to 1944.

Invited to participate in two Kindle Worlds, he published Torn Roots: A Lei Crime Kindle World Novella and Jet – Stealth: A Jet Kindle World Novella in July 2015.

In between writing books and blog posts, Scott helped found an author's cooperative publishing venture, Independent Authors International. He is also President of author's professional association BestSelling Reads.

He lives in Ottawa, Canada, with two mighty sons, two fuzzy cats and a wonderful wife who apparently has a high tolerance.


Please introduce us to you and your body of work.

It seems I cannot stay in one genre. I began my writing career as a journalist and magazine editor three decades ago. My first published fiction, in 2011, was a children’s story called Sam, the Strawb Part. Later that year I published an occult thriller short story, Dark Clouds, and my first full-length novel, The Bones of the Earth, a historical magic realism/epic fantasy.

The next year, I cranked out One Shade of Red a 60,000-word spoof of EL James’ baffling bestseller.
Army of Worn Soles is a memoir told in novel form, the story of my father-in-law’s experience in the Red Army in 1941, fighting the invading Germans. The sequel, Under the Nazi Heel, will be out soon this year.
In 2015, I jumped into two more, if related genres. First, Toby Neal, author of the bestselling Lei Crime series, invited me and a few other writers to write novellas in her new Lei Crime Kindle World. Emily wrote Warrior Dog for this Kindle World.

I published Torn Roots for the second wave of Lei Crime Kindle World novellas. Torn Roots features one of the most loved Lei Crime characters, Pono Kaihale, as well as some new ones I created for a twisting mystery/police procedural.

While I was working on that, another bestseller invited me to contribute to his Kindle World: Russell Blake. As soon as I could send the Torn Roots manuscript to my editor, I jumped into the JET spy-thriller Kindle World. Jet: Stealth introduces the titular character Jet, or Maya, to Van Freeman, definitely not a cop, just a guy who gets things done.
Interestingly, Emily has also written a Jet Kindle World novella, It Takes Two, as has Toby Neal with Jet: Nightbird. They’re both among the best entries in the Jet world.

How did you come to be involved in the SRKW? How do you know Emily?

I believe I was “introduced” to Emily through Toby Neal, who invited her to join an authors’ cooperative group I belong to called BestSelling Reads. I read or listened to all the Sydney Rye novels and enjoyed them very much. Emily and I nearly crossed paths again last January, when we were both in the Dominican Republic at the same time. However, we could not manage a face-to-face meeting.

What genre do you write in? Why do you enjoy that genre?

As outlined above, I can’t stay in one genre. What I enjoy doing is crossing genre boundaries. The Bones of the Earth is an epic fantasy that’s set in a real historical time and place. I plan to extend Dark Clouds into a novel that crosses paranormal occult horror with spy thriller. And the books about Maurice Bury are memoirs in novel form.

Which character or characters do you plan to focus on in your Sydney Rye Kindle World contribution? What drew you to that character?

Sydney is the focal character in my Sydney Rye KW novella, The Wife Line. Where Emily’s novels are written in first-person, The Wife Line is told in the third person with Sydney as the POV character for most of the book.
Of course, Blue is a major character, and Mulberry makes a couple of appearances.

Will your contribution to the world include one of your own characters? Please introduce us to them and your own world.

The Wife Line brings in Van Freeman and Earl LeBrun from Jet: Stealth. As soon as Emily invited me to participate in the SRKW, I knew I had to do this because Sydney Rye also appears in Emily’s Jet KW novella. In other words, Van and Sydney inhabit the same universe. Van is a scruffy but very good-looking young man on a quest: to destroy the international criminal cartel that murdered his parents. He has no formal training in anything but martial arts, but he’s smart. He just doesn’t know how to use a hair brush and is allergic to dressing up. Earl LeBrun is the former partner of Van’s father, an electronics genius who went into hiding after the murder of the elder Freeman. He now concentrates on making undetectable weapons, wireless cameras, tracking devices and other gadgets for Van. Oh, and rescuing him from the predicaments he habitually gets tangled in.

Is there anything else you’d like Emily’s readers to know?

I hope to continue with Van and LeBrun stories, weaving in characters and situations from other SRKW authors. I think it would be very interesting for readers to present a coherent universe, the way Marvel Comics does. But it would take a lot of cooperation. What do you think of that idea, readers?

Scott's contribution to the Kindle World will be The Wife Line. Read the blurb below:

Sydney Rye thought it would be an easy assignment: trail Nigel Willem, a software company executive because his boss suspects he’s up to something with mysterious trips across Europe. Sydney thinks he’s just a boring businessman.
Then Willem is poisoned in his own home. Van, a mysterious young man with long, scruffy blond hair brings Sydney the dead man’s laptop, saying he knows who ordered the murder. The laptop reveals why Willem travelled: he was expediting human trafficking.
As Sydney follows Willem’s trail eastward, she finds more proof about Willem’s underworld contacts in pornography, people smuggling, drugs and murder. But the presence of the unpredictable, aggravating and irresistible Van may be more of an obstacle than a help.
The Wife Line brings Sydney Rye, Blue and Mulberry across Europe to an explosive conclusion.

You can find more about Scott Bury, and contact him through his website,, his blog, Written Words, and on Twitter @ScottTheWriter.


Thanks for visiting the blog, Scott. Can't wait to read your novella!

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